Good Morning, FaithSprings Family and Friends!

Wow…..Church yesterday was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

We had such an AWESOME TIME and the Spirit was so THRILLING!


I know that everyone is really busy, but I just wanted to start the week out with a few announcements and updates on what is happening at FaithSprings.

READY?  Here we go……


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights will be three nights of AWESOME graduation ceremonies for IN HIS STEPS ACADEMY!

Please be in prayer for all the Teachers, Staff, Parents, and honored Graduates.  This will be a GREAT time to celebrate our awesome schools, teachers and students.

The Lord has really blessed us with the BEST school TEXAS!


We just completed the “Introduction” for the latest sermon series.

We will be jumping in with BOTH FEET this Sunday morning, so I really want to encourage each of you to commit yourselves to be there each and every week.

Bring your Bible, journal, and pen…..we will provide the HOT COFFEE, Donut/Kolache, and FRESH BREAD OF LIFE for you.


We are getting closer and closer to entering into the NEW BUILDING!

I have set an anticipated FIRST SUNDAY SERVICE in our NEW BUILDING for Sunday, July 25, 2021!

Please NOTE….this is a HUGE step of FAITH and we needs LOTS of things to fall into place to make this date a reality.

Here’s a quick update on where we are at RIGHT NOW:


There will be a “tree crew” on the grounds today to remove all the trees from around the electrical transformer pole, so the Center Point can assess and get ready for the electric to be connected to the new building.

If all goes well, that portion of the project should be completed within 3 weeks.


Updates to the final Engineer plans have been submitted to the City of Pearland for their approval.

Hopefully, we will hear updates on this SOON and waiting for the “nod” to begin the drilling of the lines from across O’Day Road for our NEW water line.

The crew is waiting and ready for the call to jump into action and complete.


The layout of the new stage has been drawn and the construction of the stage should begin in the next week or so.

I honestly can’t wait until we have an “altar” again.  I miss those days of having a special place to kneel and pray.

When the project begins, I PROMISE to send you some pictures AND we will give you an opportunity to “pray and sign” the stage before it is enclosed in.


We are VERY CLOSE to getting ready to bring the NEW SANCTUARY CHAIRS into the NEW SANCTUARY!

I am really wanting to make sure that most of the “touch-up painting” and cleaning is done…but that should be soon.


Selection and ordering of the bathroom stalls will be the final piece of the main bathrooms.

Once that process is complete then they will be installed.


This is a MAJOR project and needs to be completed AFTER the waterline has been dug and connected.

We are looking are several different options for the parking lot, depending on costs and funds available.

This will probably be the FINAL part of the project but discussions/plans are being made now.


The Sanctuary Stage Lighting/Video/Audio project will be a major project and we are still collecting funds for that project to be ordered.

It will take approx. $80,000 for the project to be completed.  I want to thank those that have contributed to this project so far, we still have a long way to go.

We still have a ways to go before we can actually order this and a decision will need to be made on that in the next few weeks.


The special framing and brackets for the HVAC system have been ordered and should arrive soon.  Once those arrive, the HVAC folks are ready to hook up the entire system to the units that have already been secured and put in place around the building.


The classrooms are practically completed with the exception of setting up and theme painting in each room.

We are currently praying and recruiting teachers to have the “vision” to commit to work with our children and youth and teach in our Sunday School.

More about this next week, but we are praying that God lays that calling onto some great dedicated Bible teachers for our kids.


Well, once we get everything moved and placed into the NEW BUILDING, then we will begin converting the present church building into a new facility.

This will consist of a Welcome Center, Café area, Offices for all church staff, and a large conference/meeting room.


Whew….this is just a “brief” quick scan of the things that we have been working on and trying to complete.

There are so many other pieces that I could include, but the newsletter is way too long already.

Here’s what I really would like for you to do:

*Pray:  Pray that all the items above will go smoothly and be completed in a timely manner with God’s Favor and Guidance.

*Patience:  I know (believe me, I know) this has required lots of patience on your part and I really appreciate it so much!  Continue to be patient as we enter into this next chapter of our church history.

*Participate:  Don’t miss a LIVE service!  Be a part of the excitement and part of the FAMILY!

*Plan:  During the summer months, keep FaithSprings in your plans.  We miss you when you are gone.  Plan on being there whenever possible!

*Support:  As you can tell, we have LOTS of projects that will take funds that will still need to be raised.  All of your support is greatly needed and greatly appreciated.  We have the most loving and giving church EVER!

*Be Ready:  We may have to call on you at the last minute for an extra set of hands or two when special projects come up.  Anything that you can do to help when ask, would be AWESOME!

*Keep Smiling:  This time is very exciting for all of us….but it can be stressful too.  Please remember to SMILE and LOVE each other.  We will get through this TOGETHER!  I PROMISE!

Whew……no wonder I’m tired!  LOL!

Last thought and then I will close out this LONG email….

God has something VERY SPECIAL in store for all of us at FaithSprings Baptist and for the entire City of Pearland!

If we remain FAITHFUL to HIM, He will lead and direct and provide and protect us and at the end we will give GOD ALL THE GLORY!

Again, I am so sorry for the LENGTH of this email, but I wanted to get y’all caught up to date.


Pastor Greg